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The Rubettes

Time: June 08, 2018 20:00
Location: The Bungalow 15 Shuttle Street, Paisley PA1 1YD
Event Type: Tour
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If you are a keen follower of The Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd, then you will already know that Bill Hurd is not just one of the original band members, but also the second longest serving member of the band, dedicating 40 years of his musical life to the bands continuance and musical legacy.

Apart from a brief time away from the band in 1976, during which time he recorded his solo album for the Rubettes record company Polydor, and completed a short USA tour and recording stint with Suzi Quatro, he has always been a recognised as an ‘original Rubette’ through and through!

The whole wide world probably knows by now that the Rubettes’ incredible story began when they appeared on BBC TV’s “Top of the Pops” in 1974.

The band became an overnight success when their debut single “Sugar Baby Love” stormed to the top of the UK charts.

Originally recorded as a “studio session” and sung by legendary session singer Paul Da Vinci, it was used to test the water as a possible single release. Sugar Baby Love hovered around the top 100 for several weeks getting mixed reviews.

That would dramatically change after the very first ‘play’ on BBC’s Top of the Pops. The record went on to sell more than 8 million copies around the World and it has become one of the all time classics!

‘It is reported that ‘Sugar Baby Love’ is played somewhere on radio, around the world, every hour of every day!’


So the Rubettes are here for you – get tickets here!